Arabic Learning Pack "2"

This is the second load of the "Arabic Learning Pack - for Non Arabic Speakers". What else do you need to learn Arabic! It's all available to you to learn one of the most ancient languages and one of the most spoken language on earth.

Pack Info:-
  • Genre: Linguistics
  • Content: Arabic
  • Type: PDF
  • Quantity: 9 Books
  • Links: Mediafire
Books Info:-

11.Teach Yourself Arabic (1986) - 10MB
12.Mastering Arabic - 7MB
14.Easy Arabic Grammar - 4MB
15.Gramatica Arabe - 27MB
16.An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic - 8MB
17.A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic - 153MB
18.Grammatik des klassischen Arabisch - 29MB
19.Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar - 2MB
20.Modern Arabic Structures, Functions, and Varieties - 30MB
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