Ancient Greek Learning Pack "1"

This is the first load of the "Ancient Greek Learning Pack". Learning ancient languages is always said to be a hard mission! It's all available for you now to learn one of the most ancient languages and one of the richest languages with literature and science on earth.

Here we go!


Pack Info:-
  • Genre: Linguistics
  • Content: Ancient Greek
  • Type: PDF
  • Quantity: 5 Books
  • Links: Mediafire

Books Info:-

1.A Greek Grammar for Colleges - 16MB
2.An Independent Study Guide to Reading Greek 1MB
3.Ancient Greek for Dummies 6MB
4.Athenaze - An Introduction to Ancient Greek [Book I] 11MB
5.On the Meaning of Prepositions and Cases 3MB

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Oxford Latin Dictionary

Oxford Latin Dictionary (New Edition)
Latin - English

  • Genre: Linguistics
  • Type: PDF
  • Quantity: 4 Parts
  • Content: Latin Language
  • Size: 320 MB
  • Download: Mediafire